At Kind Senior Care, our reliable transportation services are about much more than just driving clients from point A to point B. Our compassionate caregivers are trained to provide through-the-door service, which means we can help you get ready for your appointment, walk with you from your home to the car, drive you to your destination, and even wait and take notes at your appointment.

Kind’s senior transportation services support activities like:

  • Medical, vision and dental appointments
  • Shopping
  • Social events
  • Faith-based services and programs
  • Running errands
  • Visiting friends and family
woman next to car

Safe Transportation Services that Empower Seniors

Turning over the car keys for good can deal a serious blow to a senior’s dignity, freedom and self-esteem. Once that senior stops driving, they run the risk for becoming socially isolated. The resulting social isolation can cause or worsen numerous mental and physical health problems, including cognitive impairment, depression, and heart disease.

At Kind Senior Care, our transportation services empower those we serve by providing them and their families with benefits like:

  • Renewed sense of freedom and independence
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Respite for family caregivers
  • Safety

For your added security, all our prospective caregivers undergo a thorough criminal background and driving record check before setting foot in the home or getting behind the wheel.

No Specific Appointments Are Needed

Even if you live close by, it’s not always possible to be available at a moment’s notice to give your loved one a ride. At Kind Senior Care all our caregivers are trained to provide a full menu of daily living assistance services, including driving.

Once you place your trust in us, the best part is that those driving services are included as a normal part of your everyday care plan! Anytime your Kind caregiver is on shift they can simply run some errands for you. In fact, many of our clients and their families schedule doctor’s appointments and other important activities during hours when our professionals are visiting the home.

That not only makes it easier for our clients to follow a routine, it also allows their family members to rest easy knowing that a Kind caregiver will make sure their loved one is getting where they need to be. For clients that can no longer drive themselves, our caregivers provide a vital service that helps them visit friends, get to appointments and run errands.

Serving Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

While not all Kind Senior Care clients require transportation as a part of their care plan, all our caregivers do have their own vehicle. That means that each one has the capability to run errands on behalf of their clients when needed.

During the COVID-19 crisis this built-in care plan service is now being utilized more than ever before. Many of our clients have taken advantage of the opportunity to remain safely at home while our caregivers do their grocery shopping, pick up refills at the pharmacy, and run other essential errands for them.