Growing older or recovering after a trip to the hospital can make everyday tasks around the house a little harder to manage. And although washing and folding laundry may seem easy, adding chores like cleaning and taking out the garbage to your list can be overwhelming.

Once household tasks start piling up, having a reliable home care agency to share the workload with you makes a big difference. At Kind Senior Care, we work with you and your loved ones to customize a light housekeeping plan that provides just the right amount of support when it matters most.

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Cluttered Homes Are Dangerous Places for Seniors

Millions of older Americans are injured in falls around the home every year. Sadly, some of those injuries are permanent and life changing. The trained professionals at Kind realize that cluttered, dirty bathrooms aren’t safe for our clients. That’s why our team works hard to ensure that your bathroom stays clean, easy to use, and clutter-free.

We also understand that cluttered spaces elsewhere around the house can cause unnecessary falls and other emergencies. Our light housekeeping services are designed to eliminate fall risks while ensuring that your home environment is as safe and tidy as possible.

Flexible Light Housekeeping Plans Tailored to Your Needs

At Kind, we realize that a “one size fits all” housekeeping approach isn’t cost-effective when you only need assistance with a few chores. The flexible light housekeeping plans that we offer to our clients and their loved ones can be fully customized based on your needs and budget.

Our dedicated home care agency professionals can lighten your workload by performing these household duties:

  • Washing and folding laundry
  • Washing and putting away dishes
  • Dusting around the house
  • Organizing and tidying up around the house
  • Washing linens and making the bed
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  • Caring for your houseplants
  • Assisting with pets

Another care service that we offer to clients is meal planning and preparation. In addition to preparing meals, our experienced caregivers can help you maintain a clean, safe, well-organized kitchen. Those duties may include anything from cleaning up after preparing a meal, to making sure all the dirty dishes are put away after being washed.

Our Convenient Laundry Services Accommodate Different Tastes

At Kind, we understand that everyone is different and that we our providing the care in YOUR home. That’s why we work closely with you and your loved ones to ensure that we are doing your laundry exactly the way you like it.

While conveniently providing laundry services in your home or at a local laundromat, our trained professionals can complete tasks like washing, drying, ironing, folding, or putting clean clothes away. Our caregivers will even help you transition wardrobes as seasons change!

Caregivers that Respect Your Property and Possessions

The compassionate home care agency professionals at Kind Senior Care understand the importance of respecting your property and possessions while in your home. For your added security and peace-of-mind all Kind employees are carefully screened in advance, including criminal and driving background checks.

What should I do if my elderly parent is having trouble cleaning their house?

As we age, it can become more difficult to complete tasks requiring mobility. For the elderly, it can pose a fall risk. If it is becoming difficult for your elderly family member to clean, do laundry, put away dishes, or even care for their houseplants, you can enlist the help of a trustworthy home care agency. The compassionate team at Kind Senior Care is made up of trained and empathetic professionals who are ready to help by providing light housekeeping services.

What does light housekeeping include?

Light housekeeping services vary from one caregiving company to another. At Kind Senior Care, we offer comprehensive light housekeeping services. Our light housekeeping services include washing and folding laundry, dusting around the house, washing linens and making the bed, and even assisting with your pets. Those are only some of the services offered through our light housekeeping services.

How do I trust someone to do light housekeeping for my senior family member?

It can be nerve-wracking to invite someone into your senior’s home. At Kind Senior Care, we understand that hesitation. Our caregivers are carefully screened, including criminal record and driving background checks to ensure your peace of mind. The compassionate professionals working for us place great importance on creating a strong relationship with clients and will always respect your property and possessions.

Do you serve areas outside of North Andover, MA?

Yes! We serve areas throughout Maine and Massachusetts, in cities like Newburyport, Methuen, and more.