As the average person grows older their dietary needs change. For reasons like dementia or physical limitations millions of seniors don’t eat like they should. At Kind Senior Care we know how important eating a well-balanced diet is for the overall health of our clients.

Our home care agency professionals also realize that diet and meal preparation needs are highly personalized and that they vary depending on the individual. From the start, our dietary team works closely with you and your loved ones so that we can learn your meal preferences and match you with a caregiver who can support any special dietary requirements you might have.

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Dietary Challenges for Aging-in-Place Seniors

Most people experience a gradual change to their diets as they grow older. Those living with cognitive issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s face unique meal planning and preparation challenges, while others struggle with physical limitations that make going to the store an uncomfortable experience.

Some older adults stop preparing healthy meals because the cleanup process is too challenging or intimidating. After years of living in the same household sharing meals with relatives, there are seniors who simply don’t like eating alone. Swallowing and chewing difficulties also keep many people from eating like they should.

For whatever reason, countless seniors end up on a limited diet filled with convenient-yet-unhealthy frozen meals and fast foods- or simply skip meals altogether.

The Many Benefits of Eating a Healthy Diet for Seniors

A well-balanced diet is important for a senior’s physical and mental health. Eating a healthy diet provides the body with the energy that’s needed to get through the day or recover after a trip to the hospital.

Scientists have found that eating a nutrient-rich diet provides seniors with these health benefits:

  • Improves muscle strength and bone density, both of which help prevent falls and fractures
  • Strengthens the immune system, which reduces one’s infection risk
  • Speeds up wound healing rates
  • Improves memory and slows cognitive decline
  • Less likely to be hospitalized than someone who’s malnourished

How Our Trained Professionals Can Help

Kind’s highly trained professionals can not only help with cooking they can also do your grocery shopping and meal planning for the entire week! As an added precaution, your caregiver will also keep an eye on expiration dates to make sure that any food prepared in your home is safe and fresh.

Don’t like eating alone? Our companions love sharing nutritious meals and casual conversation with their clients! Your Kind caregiver can even use a dietary log to keep track of your eating habits to ensure that you get the perfect mix of nutrition and hydration with every meal. So that you will take your prescription meds on a full stomach at just the right time, we can also assist with medication reminders and record keeping.

Kind Senior Care’s meal planning and preparation services include:

  • Grocery shopping, food storage and organization
  • Preparing nutritious meals and healthy snacks
  • Checking food expiration dates
  • Feeding assistance
  • Tracking eating habits in a dietary log
  • Keeping the entire kitchen clean and well-organized

How do seniors meal prep?

Seniors can meal prep in the same way as anyone else. It may be difficult to do so if their mobility is not at full capacity, however. If shopping for ingredients becomes difficult, our professionals at Kind Senior Care can help with any part of the meal prep process and help your senior family member prepare nutritious, tasty meals.

What factors must be considered when planning and preparing food for elderly?

Each individual requires a different diet based on physical needs. At Kind Senior Care, our skilled home care agency professionals work individually with clients for an individualized care plan. This includes learning about dietary restrictions and helping with shopping and preparing food according to those needs.

How can you help meal prep for a senior with dietary challenges?

Some senior citizens give up making nutritious meals because the cleanup is too difficult or scary. Some elderly people simply don’t enjoy eating alone after years of sharing meals with family members in the same home. Many people also struggle to chew and swallow food, which prevents them from eating as they should. Our caregivers place great importance on the overall health of clients, including ensuring they are eating a healthy diet. They do all they can not to let the barriers to nutritious eating for seniors get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Which areas do you offer meal preparation services in?

We offer our meal preparation services for seniors in several cities throughout Massachusetts, like Tewksbury and Andover, as well as areas in Maine.