Companionship Is the Root of Everything We Do

With today’s busy lifestyles family members can’t always be around to keep you company or help-out around the house. Feeling lonely or socially isolated is no way to spend your golden years. At Kind Senior Care, spending quality time with you is the foundation of everything else that we do. That’s why all our reliable home care services start with companionship.

two people playing chess

How Socializing with Others Benefits You

The importance of social interaction and companionship cannot be overstated. Seniors who feel lonely and socially isolated are more likely to experience stress, depression, anxiety, and a lower overall quality-of-life. Unfortunately, loneliness isn’t just a mental health issue.

In fact, the connection between mental health and cognitive and physical health is well-documented. Social isolation and loneliness can even accelerate functional decline. On the other hand, numerous studies have shown that seniors who stay socially active and engaged tend to live healthier, happier, and even longer lives than those who don’t.

How Our Senior Companionship Caregivers Can Help

Once you place your trust in Kind Senior Care it’s like having an extended family in the home. At Kind, we only recruit professional caregivers with the right emotional makeup to begin building positive relationships with our clients from the very first visit. In other words, we only hire those who we would want to spend time with our own families.

To better serve our clients we invest a lot of time and energy into the “matching” process. Your initial consultation consists of our Care Team member meeting with you and your loved one in-order-to create an individualized care plan that’s uniquely tailored to your personality. Based on that meeting, your personal caregiver will then be ready to come to your home with some great conversation topics and activity ideas.

At Kind Senior Care we believe that the key to providing better care is building stronger client relationships- a philosophy that our caregivers bring to each-and-every client we serve.

Activities that our companionship caregivers enjoy doing with clients include:

  • Stimulating conversation
  • Playing cards, board games, or putting together puzzles
  • Social outings and events
  • Crafting or scrapbooking
  • Spending time outdoors

Meeting Client Needs During the Covid-19 Crisis

During the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve heard time and time again from clients just how important our Caregivers have been in keeping them socially connected. Since Covid-19 has reduced the number of social activities that are normally available to our clients, the crisis has given our Caregivers the chance to really shine.

In addition to providing our clients with a reassuring physical and emotional presence we’ve also helped many of them set up family FaceTime or Zoom video conferences. With an added emphasis now being placed on client/caregiver relationships, our professionals have kept those we serve company through activities like playing games, reminiscing together over family photo albums, or discussing current events.